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Business Auto Insurance is another quality product that we offer at T.W. Morgan Insurance Services. We are partnered with many top insurance carriers to provide the insurance you will need to run your business.  Sure, you could call an 800 number at 10:00 PM to some call center on the East Coast who has never been to Oregon, Washington or California. However, wouldn't you rather deal with a   local business that lives in your community? Sure you would if they could offer better service, knowledge and competitive price. The advantage of having a local agent is that we are familiar with where  you live and the environment in which you operate your business. We know where Cave Junction or Otis, Oregon is without looking at a map.

At T.W. Morgan Insurance Services, we insure our customers who operate commercial autos and trucks in Oregon, Washington and California as well as fleet vehicles such as Log Trucks, Moving Trucks and everything in between. If your driver has an accident, will your policy provide the necessary coverage to protect the assets of your business? If you are the owner of the tanker truck shown to the right and received a call from your employee, you're thinking, I hope we're covered! The tanker truck shown here has a big mess to clean up and a lot of unhappy people who live and work in this neighborhood.

Commercial insurance is not always about the lowest price. It is being insured with a company that will honor their promise to protect you and clean up the damage. Partner with an agency that will offer the coverage's to protect your business. We will take the time to understand your operation and make suggestions to make you comfortable with your decision about your purchase. Remember who you hire to drive your company vehicle is a reflection of your company. An accident like this could damage your reputation that you have worked hard for to gain market share in your industry.

Call the agents at TW Morgan Insurance Services for your Commercial Truck and Fleet Vehicle insurance. You now have a partner working with you.

Our agency has markets for Log Trucks, Dump trucks, Cement Pumper Trucks, delivery vans, service vans and more. Let us find the right policy for your operation.

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