Medicare Prescription Drug Standalone Plans

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Medicare prescription drug plans are also known as Medicare Part D. Medicare Part D is a government program that helps cover the cost of most prescription drugs and is available to those eligible for Medicare. Original Medicare Parts A and B does not include prescription drug coverage except in limited circumstances. Part D is different from Medicare Parts A and B. You’re not automatically enrolled in Part D. To get Part D drug coverage, you must enroll in a plan through a private insurance company.

Medicare Rx Plans vary between companies. Many have deductible plans to help you save money, as well as a low-premium plan for peace of mind. While all plans include thousands of prescription drugs, they offer slightly different coverage and different drug lists (formularies). All carriers provide a large pharmacy network and a Preferred Mail Service Pharmacy that offers additional savings and convenience.

Why pay more? Get healthy savings you deserve.

Save money on your prescription drugs at preferred retail pharmacies near you. Medicare Part D members can save more money on thousands of prescription drugs through our Preferred Retail Pharmacy Network. Carriers contract with many retail pharmacies in your area to help you save money on your prescription copays.

Best of all, switching to a preferred retail pharmacy is easy. Simply take your existing prescriptions to a preferred retail pharmacy and they can help you switch, any day of the year.

Plan benefits at a glance.

The plan that's best for you will depend on which prescription drugs you take. When comparing Part D plans, be sure to check that your drugs are covered and consider all plan costs, such as the annual deductible, monthly premiums and drug copays.

Not all plans available in all areas. The Preferred Retail Pharmacy Network and Preferred Mail Service Pharmacy Savings apply during the initial coverage period, which begins after the payment of your required deductible (if any) and ends when the total cost of your drugs (paid by the insurance company, you and others) reaches the coverage gap which changes each year and is published by the Center for Medicare Services (CMS). Maintenance medications are typically those drugs you take on a regular basis for a chronic or long-term condition

New to Medicare

To learn more about Medicare prescription drug Plans, contact our agency to guide you through the plan choices, including an overview of what is covered by each plan, and if you are eligible to enroll.

How Medicare Works

Understanding Medicare plans can be complicated. Learn how Medicare works to help you decide whether you need a prescription drug plan, and the consequences of not having one (late enrollment penalty).

Learn about switching plans

To enroll today or to learn more about Medicare Rx plans available in your area, contact Eileen or Tim at 503-245-3345 or Toll Free 888-821-4717 about Medicare Part D stand alone prescription drug plans for those who are eligible for Medicare.