T.W. Morgan Insurance Services

Teaming up with companies like

TW Morgan Insurance Services has teamed up with some of the best classic and antique auto insurance providers. Companies such as Hagerty and JC Taylor are a few of the top companies we represent to our customers to insure their dream cars at an affordable price.

Coverage that is geared to the collector.

We specialize in classic and collector cars. Since that’s all we do, we’re able to focus all of our attention on you, your collection and your particular needs, usage and interests. Our unique Guaranteed Value policy allows you to cover your car for what it’s worth, and you receive every cent of your car’s insured value in the event of a covered total loss.

Our service and knowledge of our Classic Auto Insurance companies are unparalleled.

We understand the collector car market and the importance of insuring your car for its true value. We also know how to handle claims on damage to your classic cars. For example, we have a Parts Specialist on staff whose only job is tracking down the perfect replacement part.

We care about the hobby our customers enjoy.

We At TW Morgan Insurance Services we believe it is our responsibility to support organizations and initiatives that help make sure the vehicles we love – and the lifestyles that revolve around them – not only survive, but thrive, well into the future.

Low annual premiums

Our specialty insurance providers rates are significantly lower than the companies who insure your regular-use vehicles because we know that you take pride in their care and don't drive them as your primary auto. Our agency offers the best coverage — a full coverage policy that includes comprehensive, collision and liability — and the best service out there, all at an affordable price.

Guaranteed Value

We understand the value of your car. With the Tim Morgan Agency securing coverage for the true value of your car is a simple process. We start with an Agreed Value policy, then we place the policy with companies that guarantee it. Protection for you to have your car with an agree insured value in the event of a covered total loss, you’re guaranteed to receive that amount.

This sets us apart from companies who offer “Actual Cash Value” or “Stated Value” policies, which may depreciate your vehicle in the event of a claim.

Knowledgeable service

From the person who services your policy to the insurance company who handles your claim, we will place you with companies where every employee that you encounter is knowledgeable about collector cars and insurance. Our carriers require their employees to go through collector car training, we support the hobby with youth initiatives and legislative advocacy, we keep experts on staff to answer your toughest questions — all because we genuinely care about your needs and want to provide you with the best possible car-owning experience.

Exceptional claims handling

Our carriers deal exclusively with collector vehicles. Their adjusters have been trained in the art of classic vehicle repairs. They have a Parts Specialist on staff whose only job is tracking down the perfect replacement part for your collectible. Plus, they will let you choose your own repair shop or pay you to do the work yourself if desired.

A customized policy

Your specialty auto policy offered through TW Morgan Insurance Services, is designed specifically for you, your car and your participation in the hobby. We have coverage to meet your needs whether you own one car or one hundred, are restoring a vehicle, travel with your car, collect automobilia, or own valuable spare parts or tools.

Freedom to enjoy your car

Our carriers believe cars are made to be driven. So our policy allows limited pleasure use with no fixed mileage limits. Whether it's a drive on a gorgeous summer day, a trip to the ice cream shop, attending club events or going to shows, you're covered. If you have specific questions about usage, especially if you own a newer vehicle (generally 1990 and newer), we're happy to discuss them with you.

The basics and then some

Our agency offers policies providing full coverage that includes comprehensive, collision and liability. Here is an example of policy features offered by the Hagerty Classic Auto. You also get:

  • Instant new purchase coverage —For example a policy may include 30 days of coverage for up to $50,000 in value on your existing policy.
  • Auto Show Medical Reimbursement — Clients and their family members injured while attending an auto show or similar car-related function will receive up to $10,000 in medical payments.
  • Spare Parts coverage — The classic auto policy includes coverage such as $750 of comprehensive (other-than- collision) coverage for spare parts for your insured collector vehicle.
  • Spare Parts 
    Spare Parts coverage can keep your spare parts covered for a low premium and no hassle.
  • Automotive Tools
    Automotive Tools coverage is an easy and affordable addition to any existing Hagerty policy.
  • Automobilia
    Protect your automotive collectibles on the same policy as your classic car with Hagerty’s Automobilia coverage. It offers better coverage than a standard homeowners policy.
  • Business Use
    If your vehicle is sometimes used in photos shoots, commercials or weddings, Hagerty’s Business Use coverage provides protection.
  • Vehicle Under Construction
    Vehicle Under Construction coverage provides automatic value increases and access to a flatbed towing service for trips to the shop.
  • Traveling Collectors
    Traveling Collector coverage provides extra insurance for collectors whose vehicles are frequently on the road.

What’s covered?

Any historic or collectible item linked with motor vehicles is eligible, including:

  • Petroliana (gas pumps, station displays)
  • Model cars & other toys
  • License plates
  • Posters and signs
  • Paintings and prints
  • Hood ornaments
  • Automotive literature
  • Tractor memorabilia

Other personal property that may be considered includes:

  • Farm implements
  • Militaria (excluding guns)
  • Diner memorabilia (soda shop signs, diner displays)
  • Barber shop memorabilia (barber poles, signs)

Antique & classic vehicles

It used to be said that any vehicle 20-25 years old or older was considered collectible. Today this is not the case. Automakers' production numbers significantly increased in the mid-1970's and quality standards fell. Because of this, there are some mid-1970's and 80's vehicles that are not collectible. However, many are because of their desirable characteristics such as:

  • Convertibles
  • 2-door sports cars (few 4-door sedans are collectible)
  • Unique body shapes
  • Foreign sports cars
  • Big block V8 engines

To learn more about insuring your classic auto with T.W. Morgan Insurance Services, contact our agency staff at 503-245- 3345 or toll free at 888-821- 4717 to receive a free quote today.