General Liability Business Insurance

Insurance Options for Commercial Business Owners

T.W. Morgan Insurance Services offers General Liability Insurance Programs for all types of business. Some of the most popular industries are:

Apartment Complexes
Education & Non Profit
Hospitality Business Owners
Religious Organizations
Rental Property

Auto Service and Repair
Home and Building services 
Shopping Centers

Commercial Real-estate,
Homeowners Associations,
Professional Service Providers
Retail Stores
Wholesale Distribution

We have markets for all types of business, so if you have a business that needs general liability insurance, give us a call at 503-245-3345 so we can locate the right program for your business.

Protect Where You Do Business

Whatever each new day brings, Business Property Insurance is still your best defense against unexpected occurrences such as fire, hail, windstorms, and other natural disasters.

Common coverage

Business Property insurance covers your business location and the contents inside, including equipment, fixtures, and inventory. We can help you protect your store location and valuable equipment.

  • Business Liability
    Insurance coverage for your business in case of accidents, mistakes, or injuries that may occur, including selling defective products or perishable goods that may cause injury to others. Business Liability insurance can help you stand strong through these challenging situations.
  • Building Coverage
    You find success in your store, office, factory, and/or other locations. Then a major fire renders your place of business unsafe for you and your employees. Business Property insurance will make certain your damaged building is repaired or rebuilt quickly so you avoid losing income and preserve both the equity and your future.
  • Business Crime insurance
    Provides coverage for your business location if one of your employees steals monies, securities or other property from you.
  • Business Personal Property Insurance
    The loss of any property you own or create for sale affects your bottom line. If a windstorm damages any of these items, Business Property insurance can help you replace everything from computers and inventory to equipment and tools.
  • Business Income
    Business Income provides coverage to keep your business operating until goods and services are being produced again. This insurance not only replaces lost business income while the office and its contents are being rebuilt and replaced, but it can also cover the operating and payroll expenses necessary to keep you and your business on your feet after a loss. You can even elect Extended Business Income Coverage, which helps replace lost business income for an extended period of time after your business operations resume.
  • Product Recall Expense
    Coverage for your business covers losses associated with a covered product recall in the market due to a known or suspected defect.
  • Transportation coverage
    Can help protect your wholesale business if goods are stolen, damaged or lost as they are being transported.

    At T.W. Morgan Insurance, we are your source to secure a business insurance policy for your business class of operation. Call us today to learn how we can improve your coverage and offer savings for your business development. We work with over 50 insurance companies to protect your operation.