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Well if you live in California, it's a no brainer however, if you live in the Northwest such as Oregon and Washington you should, because we do have earthquakes in the Northwest. At T.W. Morgan Insurance Services, you can purchase earthquake coverage as part of your homeowners policy or as a separate stand alone policy. The policy forms differ depending on the coverage you select. The basic policy covers reconstruction of the dwelling with limited contents coverage or you can purchase a comprehensive policy that covers, loss of use, personal property and rebuilding of the dwelling or structure. The deductibles offered by insurance companies we represent start at 5% up to 20% of the dwelling amount. The most common deductible is 10% of the dwelling. The rates in Oregon are affordable compared to high risk areas such as California. If your replace value on your home is $250,000 the cost to add the basic endorsement runs about $192.50 per year. If you want the more comprehensive policy the rate will be higher in the neighborhood of $385 and more.

Commercial Earthquake

Earthquake coverage is provided for commercial Buildings, Business Personal Property, Tenant Improvements or Betterments, Business Income/Rental Value and/or Additional Property Coverage (signs, pools, fences, etc.). Optional coverage includes: Flood (outside SHFA A and V), Earthquake Sprinkler Leakage, Ordinance or Law and Mold Clean-Up and Removal. Business markets such as commercial habitation (condominiums and apartments), offices, retail and hotels/motels; with many other occupancies eligible. Accounts are typically under $100,000,000 in total insured value. At T.W. Morgan Insurance Services we have the expertise to find the right policy for your business. We have partnered with Companies such as Farmers, GeoVera, Lloyds and Natural Catastrophe Insurance Program. To learn more about earthquake insurance for your home or business, contact TW Morgan Insurance Services at 503-245-3345 or Toll Free at 888-821-4717 to learn about your options.

Having earthquake coverage will reduce your exposure to rebuild your home or business. Even though the Federal Government may declare your community as a disaster area, doesn't mean that they will give you free money. They will provide a low interest loan. Wouldn't you rather stand in the short line for a $20,000 loan or the long line for a $200,000 loan at FEMA. Remember your bank will still expect you to make your mortgage payments regardless the status of your home You deserve the security to have your home rebuilt, so purchase an earthquake policy so you'll have a better night sleep.

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